I had to sit with the Coventry fans…

Date: 22nd November 1995

Opponent: Coventry City

Score: Coventry 0 Manchester United 4

I was nine years old when my dad finally took me to my first United match. Being a Baggies fan he never had much interest in taking me before. He got tickets through a friend and I had to sit with the Coventry fans - I remember Brian McClair scored two goals and I think Beckham and Irwin got the others if my memory serves me right. I was most excited about seeing Eric the King though, my favourite ever player. Being only nine and a girl I didn’t see anything wrong with cheering each and every goal, despite my dad’s pleas to stop. A great evening!

I realised United would be playing Arsenal the day before my 19th birthday…

Date: April 9th 2006

Opposition: Arsenal

Score: 2-0

As a real girly girl from Cape Town my obsession with United was never taken seriously by anyone other than my family and close friends. My Dad had created a monster out of me, his eldest, and my first love affair with football and United started before I could walk. I live, eat, sleep and breathe United and when the fixture list for the 05/06 season came out I realised United would be playing Arsenal at Old Trafford on the 9th of April 2006, the day before my 19th birthday.

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There was some ill feelings between the two sets of fans…

Date: April 10th 2007

Opposition: Roma

Score: Manchester United 7 Roma 1

After the trouble from the first leg there was some ill feelings between the two sets of fans (putting it mildly) and topping the event, we were 2-1 down. What a response. I remember that Carrick scored a 25 yard dipping shot within the first 5 minutes or so, then the flood gates opened. Rooney, Ronaldo, Evra and even Alan Smith got on the score board. I fell down 2 rows or so celebrating Smith’s goal. Shame possibly the best goal of the night was Danielle De Rossi’s consolation goal.

Danny Murphy broke my heart in my first United game…

Date: 24th April 2004

Opposition: Liverpool

Score: 0-1

I was 14 and not many people were able to get what I had as i came all the way from Malaysia. We came to OT the day before the match day for the stadium tour, and the tour guide was in good mood to tell me and my father that if we were lucky, we could get tickets for the match vs liverpool from the ticketing and membership services building prior to kick off. So on the match day we did lined up for the tickets and it was really a gift from god that me and my father managed to get two tickets. And we had to sat in front of the away end.

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Any other day it would have been a dream…

Date: February 6, 2010

Opposition: Portsmouth

Score: United 5-0 Portsmouth

My first United game was a tough one. I had been to Old Trafford the previous summer, but of course that was only for a tour as there were no matches on. My friend contacted me and said he was given tickets to the match and asked me to fly over from Los Angeles. I asked my boss for three days off and booked my flight to London. I knew I’d only be there for 3 days, that my friend had to work all day for the first 2 days, but it would be worth it purely for the game at Old Trafford.

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The first thing that struck me was the sheer size of Old Trafford…

Date: 3rd December 1993

Opposition: Norwich City

Score: 2-2

I would have been 10 or 11 at the time and the first thing that struck me was the sheer size of Old Trafford and the masses of people (attendance was only about 44,000 back then).

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My eyes lit up when my dad told me…

Date: October 25th 2003

Opposition: Fulham

Score: Man United 1 Fulham 3

I was 10 years old and I’d been asking my dad to take me to a United game for quite a while. Every Saturday I said to him “Are we going to watch United this week?” and his answer was always “soon son”. He had took me to the England vs Greece game at Old Trafford the day before my 8th birthday but even a last minute David Beckham free kick couldn’t hide the fact it wasn’t United I was watching. On the 24th October 2003, the day before United played Fulham at home, my dad received a phone call from my Uncle asking whether Ryan wanted to come to the match. My eyes lit up when my dad told me, I was going to see United for the first time.

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I had been begging my Dad for a few years to go…

Date: Saturday 28th 1998 

Opposition: Wimbledon

Score: Manchester United 2 Wimbledon 0

I had been begging my Dad for a few years to go and see United play so finally he decided to take me.

A week after my 7th birthday he got me out of school early on the Friday before the match and tells me we’re getting on a coach and then a ferry and heading off Old Trafford to finally see United.

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I’d been nagging to be taken for a while…

Date: August 16th 1985

Opposition: West Ham

Score: Manchester United 2 West Ham 0

First game I went to was West Ham at home on Bank Holiday Monday at the start of 85/86. I’d been nagging to be taken for a while - I was displeased to discover my parents went to the 83 Cup Final replay without me, and dissatisfied with the rosette that I was given as compensation. When my old fella sneaked off to a game away to Watford without me - it was immediately prior to the 85 Cup Final, and United lost 5-1 - I was still pissed with him upon discovering the subterfuge the following morning, a sentiment I doubtless expressed with eloquence, dignity and restraint. Thus he resolved to take me at the next possible opportunity.

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I watched Manchester United live for the first time 50 years ago…

Date: March 26th 1960

Opposition: Fulham

Score: Fulham 0 Manchester United 5

I watched Manchester United live for the first time 50 years ago and it was just as magical as I’d always dreamed it would be, even though no trophies were at stake and United were languishing in mid-table mediocrity at the time. What gave the match wider historical significance however was the fact that when Dennis Viollet scored two goals that afternoon he overtook Jack ‘Gunner’ Rowley’s club record of 30 league goals in a season, previously set in 1951/52. Astonishingly, despite the prodigious achievements of United goal-scorers since, such as the electric Denis Law, the bewitching George Best,the lethal Ruud Van Nistelrooy or the unstoppable Cristiano Ronaldo, Viollet’s record still stands, half a century later.

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